The Recent History Of The Rhodes and Kos Turks

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THE RECENT HISTORY OF THE RHODES and KOS TURKS “The Silent Cry Rising in the Aegean Sea”

There is a Turkish population of about 6,000 people who live in the Dodecanese Islands, mainly Rhodes and Kos.

Current problems of Moslem Turks living in the Dodecanese include expressing their Turkish identity freely, having a voice in the administration of the foundations, reactivating the functions of the Muftiate, restarting Turkish language and religion courses in schools, reopening mosques to religious services and restoring the civil rights and citizenship status of the Dodecanese Turks who had been previously deprived of Greek citizenship.

The book entitled “The Recent History of The Rhodes and Kos Turks: The Silent Cry Rising in the Aegean Sea” aims to investigate through a historical perspective the past and present social and economic status of the island Turks living in Rhodes, Kos and Turkey as well as recording and preserving legends, folk dances, elegies and life stories that are not recorded by documented historiography.

The book will also provide the means for communicating the problems of Rhodes and Kos Turks in recent history and at present to the Turkish and international public opinion, but especially to the Greek public opinion. In this respect, it also includes some suggestions for the establishment of a long-lasting friendship in Turkish-Greek relations.